The swim club of Tórshavn the capital of the Faroe Islands is seeking a Head Coach to start in August 2022.

The Head Coach will personally carry out the coaching of the club’s competitive teams and supervise the club as a whole ensuring that the coaching of all the club’s other divisions and teams is consistent and applies to an overall philosophy.

We offer you:
– the opportunity to work in a small, peaceful and stimulating society of 54,000 people with its own language and culture
– the possibility of becoming part of a National coach team. Faroe Islands are a fully fledged individual member of FINA and LEN, and club coaches are traditionally selected for the National coach team for each international event based on performance of their respective swimmers
– a stimulating and challenging opportunity, where you directly determine your own work environment and develop your own projects and goals
– the opportunity to collaborate with an active board and a resourceful group of parents
– a salary that is commensurate with your experience and qualifications
– the support of the club to locate suitable housing
– the free use of a car
– free telephone and internet
– Faroese language course
– vacation pay
– a 2 year contract with 3 to 6 months trial period and a possibility of further extension

– a degree in coaching and/or considerable experience and relevant education in sports
– international and/or national credentials
– high work commitment
– be inspiring and communicative
– be responsible and independent in the daily work
– keen to share knowledge and experience with other coaches in the club
– communicate clearly in English or a Scandinavian language

Your responsibilities:
– prepare and carry out the training of the competitive teams
– supervise the whole club and educate/instruct and motivate all the other trainers
– motivate swimmers in their daily training and in preparation for competitions
– advice swimmers with regards to lifestyle e.g. food, rest, etc.
– communicate with club stakeholders e.g. board, parents, the national swimming association, the Faroese swimming community
– with support from main stakeholders drive the club into a world class swim club
– keep focus on recruitment of children in order to maintain a broad foundation for all other levels in the club
– visualize new possibilities and ideas for the club
– be focused on physical and psychological health of the swimmers
– ensure a sound and steady age related development without injuries
– explore and communicate the latest knowledge and best practises in the world of swimming and disseminate this new knowledge to the rest of the club – especially to fellow trainers
– participate actively in competitions and training camps

Tórshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands which is located in the center of the triangle formed by Scotland, Iceland and Norway. The city of Tórshavn is a modern Nordic capital with approximately 23.000 inhabitants and all common facilities. The Faroe Islands is a fully fledged individual member of FINA and LEN.

Tórshavn Swim club has approximately 300 members. 200 members are kids aged 5 and older participating in the club’s Swim School, 50 members are on competitive teams and approximately 50 members are elder exercise swimmers. In addition to the Head Coach the club employs a number of part time coaches and a secretary.

The club has access to 4 municipal pools. The main pool is 25m with 6 lanes and three smaller pools on separate locations are 16m with 3 lanes. The club also has it’s own gym and access to a running lane, gymnastic hall as well as other sport facilities are available in the area.

At the moment a new Olympic-sized pool – 50m with 10 lanes – is being built as an addition to the current 25m pool. The construction started early 2021 and is scheduled to be finished in the spring of 2024. It is our hope that this new Olympic-sized pool and the vast increase in accessible lanes that it brings will revolutionise the club as water until now has been our biggest shortage. An important part of the new Head Coach’s job will be to ramp up the club for the opening of this new pool where the club’s aim is to grow to at least 1000 members.

The club is the biggest and the most winning in the Faroe Islands with some of the swimmers highly ranked in their respective Nordic age groups. Usually some of the club’s competitive swimmers are picked for the national team for Nordic, European and World competitions. The club wants to increase the number of swimmers among the best in the Nordic countries and within 4 years among the best in Europe’s junior levels.

Further information:
You are welcome to contact the chairwoman of the club Hjørdis Mortensen by email or phone +298 297 096 or member of the board Erling Eidesgaard by email or phone +298 291 291.

Applications are to be sent to:
Havnar Svimjifelag
Postbox 1205
FO-110 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands
or preferably by email to 

Application deadline is May 15th 2022
It is our wish that the new Head Coach can start in August 2022.

Download the full job ad here.